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Dialog bargain car, Dialog Buy Car, example of the usual dialogue when buy a car

Ilham = Hello, Good morning. May i help you ?

Indri = O yes. please. i’m looking for a car.

Ilham = Sure. What kind of car are you looking for ? Passenger, Family or truck ?

Indri = i’m looking for family car please.

Ilham = well, we have many models. City car, MPV or SUV

Indri = i’d like SUV. What do you have ?

Ilham = i suggest this one, Outmover.

Indri = OK, how much is it ?

Ilham = it’s only 350 million.

Indri = may i bargain it ?

Ilham = Sure, How much would you like for it ?

Indri = how about Rp 150 million ?

Ilham = What ? are you nut ?

Indri = No, i’m not. Well how about Rp 175

Ilham = well, sorry. I can’t go that low. How about Rp 349 million.

Indri = ehh.. ok deal. Here’s money.

Ilham = thanks. here’s the change.

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